If you are looking for a great way to promote your physical therapy practice, company products related to physical therapy and rehabilitation, have your PT education program known, or want to enhance your website or brand awareness, then, sponsorship is right for you.

Why advertise with us?

Our site is a highly targeted niche website with audience specifically looking for physical therapy, PT SOAP documentation, physical therapy schools, and PT treatment information.

We have a total of 439 physical therapy and wellness articles and we continue to add more articles on a regular basis with a vision of becoming one of the top physical therapy resources for students, physical therapists, and PT consumers. Site Statistics

From January 1, 2013 to May 31, 2014, our statistics are as follows

Site Visitors

Total Visits: 185,722
Unique Visitors: 160, 598
Total Pageviews: 407, 675
New Visitors Percentage: 86.39%
Returning Visitors: 13.61%

Traffic Sources

Majority of search traffic comes from the United States, accounting for 72.42% of total visitors. Organic search traffic mostly comes from major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Traffic: 90.55% (Organic searches)
Referral Traffic: 3.93%
Direct Traffic: 5.41%

Source: Google Analytics (for

Available Ad Formats

We have the following ad formats available:

Leader board (728x90) Above the fold

Located below the website logo/banner, just below the tabs menu on all posts, except homepage and site pages (Pages on the tabs menu). It is a prime location where site visitors can immediately see your Ads when the page is loaded, providing more exposure to your products or services.

Your ad will be rotated with another advertiser. This means that only two banner ads will be shown here on all article posts, except on homepage and tabs menu pages.

Placement Availability: One available slot

Price: $150.00/slot for 2 months (Introductory price)

Client’s logo and brief business description will be included on our Partners’ page for the entire duration of the advertising term.

Medium Rectangle 300x250 (Within post pages)

Your ad is placed within the post, top left. In our experience, ads in this placement have a higher CTR (Click-through-rate) providing you with more exposure to our readers.

Your ad is rotated with another advertiser, providing equal opportunity for ads to be shown. Currently, we are just accepting two advertisers in this spot on all article pages, except on homepage and tabs menu pages.

Placement Availability: Two available slots

Price: $250.00/slot for 2 months (Introductory price)

Client’s logo and brief business description will be included on our Partners’ page for the entire duration of the advertising term.

Ad rates will increase in the coming months, as demand for the Ad placements increases, so take advantage of our introductory prices now.

Before buying your chosen ad spot or you are interested in buying one, please contact us through the form at the bottom of this post. Please indicate what specific ad space you are interested in and what date you would like the ads running.

  1. Banner image file [728x90 pixels (for Leader board above the fold) or 300x250 (medium rectangle within post) depending on what ad placement you choose and availability of the slot] or URL of the image file (subject for review and approval).
  2. Website to visit when banner is clicked
  3. Title of Ad (Title tag)
  4. Alt text (Text shown when banner is hovered)
  5. Company or website logo to be included in our Partners’ Page
    • Title tag
    • Company business description. We encourage you to make a unique description, exclusively for publication on our website. It should not be a duplicate description that’s found all over the net. This is best for both of us.

Recommended Advertising Partners

We strongly believe that the following advertisers will greatly benefit from us:
  1. Legitimate physical therapy products and equipments companies or manufacturers
  2. Electronic medical records (EMR) provider
  3. Physical therapy documentation/billing providers
  4. Physical therapy schools and universities
  5. Physical therapy/Rehab providers (Hospital/clinic/rehab center)
  6. Others related to physical therapy
Just a simple note

All Banner Ads will have the "nofollow" attribute. We don't want to be both penalized by the search engines, would you? You'll still have better visibility for your Ads and you'll receive human traffic if our site audiences would click on your banner ad.

Q&A (Other things)

Why don’t you offer CPC(Cost-per-click) advertising?

We would like to make the processing and delivery of ads direct and as simple as possible without using any other third-party software or ads provider. This is why we are offering advertisements directly to you and not through any other ad provider.

Also, in our experience with an Ads provider, the CPC for physical therapy related ads is anywhere from 3 to 12 dollars/click. Let’s say, on the average, 10 unique visitors click on your targeted ad in a day, with a CPC of $7/click. In one month, you would be paying a whopping $2100.00: (10 clicks/day x 30 days) x $7.00/click = $2100.00. We’re basing this on our experience with a third-party ads provider before, it may be different with others.

With our direct advertising and onetime fees, you don’t have to worry about limiting your budget on a daily or weekly basis. You also don’t have to worry about “click-bombing” of ads where ads are clicked multiple times that may exponentially increase your advertising costs.

What Ads are not allowed?

Just like most websites, we do not allow Ads that promote
  • For Adults only content or has sexually explicit content
  • ”Get-rich-quick” schemes
  • Products that are illegal or whose distribution would violate the law
  • Promotes betting or gambling
  • Online pharmacies that are not compliant with the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program
  • Political, religious or controversial public position or candidate for public office
  • Hatred
  • Racism
  • Violence
  • Weapons
  • Non-accredited Universities

Please contact us by filling up the form below.

If you are not able to view the contact form, you can direct your questions to webmaster(@) Thank you very much!