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Physical Therapy for Mallet Finger

Mallet finger occurs when the tendon, called extensor tendon, that helps straighten your finger is damaged because of a sudden or forceful bending of the tip of the finger. Mallet finger can be experienced by ball players, such as in basketball, volleyball, football and baseball players.


You will experience pain and swelling immediately following your injury. You may also experience bruising if small blood vessels in your finger are damaged, as well. Difficulty straightening the injured finger is a common complaint among mallet finger sufferers.

Mallet Finger Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation Goals

General rehab goals for mallet finger injury may include
  • Relieve symptoms
  • Improve hand and finger function
  • Improve range of motion
  • Maintain strength of uninvolved muscles
  • Maintain or improve general fitness
  • Self-care of symptoms

Physical Therapy for Mallet Finger

Your physical therapist will likely recommend splinting of your injured finger to allow healing. In addition your PT will formulate a comprehensive finger rehabilitation program made for you based on your particular needs and goals.

Physical Therapy Treatment Options for Mallet Finger
  • Cryotherapy or cold therapy
  • Finger splinting
  • Joint mobilization
  • Physical therapy exercises
    • Range of motion exercises
    • Self-stretching exercises
    • Strengthening exercises
  • Patient education
    • About mallet finger
    • Precautions to observe
    • Injury prevention
  • Work or sport-specific rehab program

Your physical therapist may also provide you with a home management and exercise program to help hasten your recovery.

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