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Exercising While on a Cast

Do I Have to Exercise While I’m on a Cast?

Performing exercises are important while you are on a cast for your injury. You may have been casted because of a broken bone to immobilize your injured limb to aid with your bone healing. However, it is good to know that you can still move your other limbs, and exercising them is essential to maintain your general fitness.

In some cases moving your injured limb may also be beneficial. For example, if your arm has been casted because of a fracture in your upper arm bone (humerus), you can still exercise your hand and fingers. By doing so, you can improve your blood flow, which may help hasten your healing in your broken arm bone.

Physical therapy can help you maintain your overall fitness while you have your cast. Your physical therapist will teach you exercises to improve or maintain your cardiopulmonary condition. In addition, your physical therapist will teach you strategies on how to take care of your cast and some precautions to observe during your healing.

After your cast has been removed, you will begin physical therapy rehabilitation to improve your joint range of motion, muscle strength and safely return you to your original activities and sports.

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