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Physical Therapy Abbreviations and Symbols

If you are looking for common physical therapy abbreviations and symbols, you've come to the right place! Abbreviations and symbols are integral part of a physical therapy documentation including SOAP Notes writing.

By using physical therapy abbreviations and symbols, you can make your documents more concise, especially your quick notes or daily notes. You should, however, make sure to clarify whether the institution your working with have certain restrictions on the use of abbreviations and symbols. If you are unsure whether the abbreviation or symbol you are planning to include in your documentation is acceptable or not, just write the entire word. This can help avoid any confusion on terminologies.

In some cases, written symbols may be confused with numbers or other symbols. For example,
  • The greater than symbol (>) may be confused with the number seven (7);
  • // when denoting parallel bars may be confused with the number ll

To be safe, just write the entire word/s. A simple error in written symbols and interpretation may cause harm to your patient/client that may result in a complaint filed against you.

List of common physical therapy abbreviations and symbols (Click on the following links).

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