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Types of Physical Therapy Exercises

What Are The Different Types of PT Exercises?

Depending on your particular condition, needs and goals, your physical therapist may teach you how to perform different physical therapy exercises as a part of your treatment plan.

Common Types of Physical Therapy Exercises

1. Range of Motion Exercises

Range of motion (ROM) exercises helps you move your joints to prevent stiffness. In addition, ROM exercises are done as a part of your warm-up exercise routine.

2. Muscle Strengthening Exercises

There are many exercises that your personal physical therapist can teach you to strengthen your muscles. No matter what your level of strength is (assessed in Manual Muscle Testing), your therapist can help. For example, if you have weakness in a certain muscle, your PT will instruct you to perform the exercise against gravity.

As your muscle strength increases, your physical therapist can increase resistance by letting you use elastic bands or weights.

3. Balance Exercises

Balance exercises can help people with problems with balance, such as stroke or people who have muscle weakness.Balance exercises can also help prevent falls, which is a common problem among older adults.

Depending on your level of balance, your physical therapist can teach you balance exercises while on parallel bars. Once you can do the exercises without holding the bars, your therapist may suggest doing the exercises without it. You may progress to more difficult movements such as standing on one foot and heel-to-toe walking.

4. Endurance Exercises

Endurance exercises can increase your breathing and heart rate improving the health of your lungs and heart. In addition, performing endurance exercises can improve your overall fitness.

5. Flexibility Exercises

Stretching can help improve your body to become more flexible and limber. Your physical therapist can help teach you how to perform flexibility exercises on your own. You can do these exercises while at the comfort of your home.

Examples of Flexibility / Stretching Exercises:
6. Ambulation Exercises

One of the main goals of physical therapy rehabilitation is for you to achieve independent walking. Your therapist will assess your level of walking independence.

Depending on your particular problem, your physical therapist may teach you ambulation exercises using walking aids such as a cane, walker, or crutches.

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