What is Biceps Tendonitis?

Biceps tendonitis is a shoulder condition that causes pain. It is often caused by long-term repetitive overhead movements.

Learn more about this shoulder condition: its causes, symptoms, and treatment options.
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Abdominal strains happen when any of the muscles in your abdominal wall are either stretched beyond what it can take or torn. Abdominal strains can be common in strenuous sports activities requiring the athlete to bend forward and backward or excessively twist the trunk.

The abdominal muscles

You have four major abdominal muscles: the rectus abdominis, external and internal oblique muscles, and the transversus abdominis. Among these four muscles, the rectus abdominis, which is located in the middle of your abdomen, is the most commonly strained muscle.

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Hip strains are common in sports activities that require the athlete to perform sudden movements such as running and jumping. Hip strains occur when any of the muscles or the tendon—strong band of tissue connecting a muscle to a bone—surrounding or attaching to your hip is either stretched beyond its limit or torn, causing symptoms.

Anatomical Directional Terms Description with Examples

Anatomical directional terms are often used in medical and healthcare studies, which describe the positions of body parts or structures relative to other body parts or locations in the body. These directional terms are important in the hospital and clinical settings as well, as they are universally accepted language of anatomy.